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Legal Services


Business Litigators for Complex Cases: When corporate clients nationwide face multi-million or even billion naira complex commercial disputes, our firm steps forward to help minimize risk and achieve favorable outcomes.
Our team prosecutes and defends claims on behalf of major corporations and business entities of various sizes in a host of industries across the country and in arbitration in cases involving difficult and complicated business matters. Our exemplary record of success in high-stakes commercial disputes reflects our ability to manage and try complex cases and to provide sophisticated counsel and advice to companies.


We’re Serious about Protecting Your Freedom. If you’ve been arrested, are under investigation by the police, or have been informally accused of a crime, it’s time to get serious about your defense. Sylvester Shaw Law Firm is here to deliver the legal representation you need. We have extensive experience on both sides of the courtroom and use this knowledge to litigate serious cases and to protect our clients’ freedom.
We know criminal law from every angle. We know how the prosecuting attorney thinks. We know law enforcement procedures. Intimate knowledge of the government’s strategies gives us an edge in every case, from a minor drug possession charge to a violent crime where decades of prison time are at stake. The full defense of your constitutional rights is our goal.


We Help Families Get Serious Results: There is nothing more serious than family law matters. Whether it’s your marriage, children, or property on the line, all of these issues have significant legal, financial, and personal repercussions. Your future and the future of your family will take serious legal counsel.
The difference between our law firm and other law firms is that we will offer you the support, consideration, and attention you desperately need during this challenging time. We have the experience and the expertise to guide you throughout the murky waters of your family law case and help you achieve a positive outcome.
DIVORCE: Delivering Serious Counsel During Life’s Most Serious Times Sometimes life takes a serious turn. With the right approach and the representation of an Lawyers experienced in matrimonial/divorce laws, you can be confident in the outcome of your case. At Sylvester Shaw Law Firm, we take these matters seriously.
We recognize the tremendous impact that decisions regarding custody, support, and property division can have on your life, which is why we give these matters the weight and attention they deserve. Our Lawyers are here to guide you to the best possible outcome.


Everyone deserves dignity at workplace, schools and homes.Unfortunately, sexual harassment is widespread in the Nigerian workplace, schools and homes – threatening the dignity of hard working employees, students and family members. It ranges from derogatory comments to unwanted sexual advances – sometimes even progressing to threats and sexual assault. Sexual harassment has particularly severe consequences for employees who cannot afford to risk their jobs. If you’ve been subjected to sexual harassment at work, put a call across to us and let us help you to get justice.


We have handled a wide variety of real estate and commercial lending matters, disputes and litigation throughout the country. We provide counsel and representation to all players in the real estate and financing industry, including, sellers, purchasers, owners, developers, lenders, property managers, receivers, and tenants across a broad range of matters


Resolution Without a Trial. Our Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Practice Group acknowledges that some civil cases are best resolved without a trial. ADR occurs without a judge, and instead relies upon the services of a third party, trained in alternative forms of dispute resolution, who facilitates settlement discussions and strategies on behalf of the opposing parties. The firm’s experience in complex commercial litigation and personal injury cases allows the Lawyers to advise clients on whether a trial or alternative form of resolution is more beneficial. An alternative to trial may be advisable in a broad spectrum of civil disputes, which may include personal injuries, commercial disputes, construction disputes or professional liability. We can provide legal counsel in every forum for resolving civil disputes,